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Letter N by Josh Filhol licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Libraries A-Z Letter N by Josh Filhol licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

It was National Libraries Day last Saturday with lots of events going on all over the country to celebrate libraries. Libraries are often unappreciated because people don’t know much about them. What actually goes on behind the scenes in virtual, academic, public law, company, art and museum libraries to make them so important? Are libraries in different countries different from those in the UK? You can browse the international library collections online though the World Digital Library.

So for our part, we have been thinking of fun ways to promote our resources and services to our staff and students. We want to make sure what we do day-to-day and overall is not a mystery. Plus it is fun to share the library love and talk to students and staff.

  • We are having a book vote for new books on the VLE. The 11 titles we selected came from awards lists and feature some challenging themes and most are written by women.
  • We are also displaying what staff and students are currently reading in the LRC which we hope will inspire everyone to borrow not just from us but from your friends and tutors too.
  • At lunchtime on Wednesday (11th Feb) we are holding a live Padlet session where everyone can post to our virtual wall to share what makes libraries special. On the day we will email everyone the link so you can post from your smartphone or computer wherever you happen to be. Or come into the LRC and post on one of our iPads.

We would love to know what you think here too. If you would like to leave a comment with a question about resources or libraries in general. For example, you can ask us about: ebooks, textbooks, reference books, DVDs, pdf versions of books, using the VLE, referencing, study skills.

This summer we have been creating a set of videos to help our students find their way around our Learning Resources Centre (LRC).

If you’re already a student or are thinking about joining a course find out about our services on the LRC Basics video.

Once you’re at Hillcroft College you’ll be able to access our handy LRC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to remind you about our services on the VLE.

We’ve also created an Ebooks video with one of ex-students highlighting why ebooks are important and how to use them.

Welcome to Hillcroft College’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Blog.

We aim to tell you about the latest material we have added to the LRC. This includes ebooks, DVDs, journals, websites, online reports and books.

We will also update you with the latest innovations to our services which will improve your learning experience at Hillcroft. We’ll tell you about exhibitions and news items relevant to your course and also ones that will expand your horizons 🙂

If you are already a student at Hillcroft College you’ll find we blog on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment on the LRC Services page too.

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