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Christmas DVDs and Home: a Very Short IntroductionIt’s only a few days to Christmas so why not get around the fire and watch some of the Christmas classic films:-

White Christmas

It’s a Wonderful Life

Love Actually

If you cannot borrow them from us then look out for them on television. Love Actually has several slots listed on the Radio Times website. It’s just been voted the favourite Christmas film. As does It’s a Wonderful Life.

When you  watch either of these films the theme always brings you back to being at home for Christmas which is where the latest in the series of A Very Short Introduction by Oxford University Press comes in. This new one is entitled Home by Michael Allen Fox and looks at how we define home – not just the place or dwelling itself – but also how it’s meaning has changed over time. In addition it encompasses our identity, homelessness and migration. An interesting one to mull over at Christmas…


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