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ESOL Summer school artworkThis week has been the ESOL summer school. We used iPads to explore art apps on Monday. These apps are:

We had some wonderful student presentations comparing two pieces of artwork through browsing the apps for striking images. The advantage of these apps is that you don’t need to create an account to browse artwork. You can mark your favourite pictures with a heart (Wikiart) or a star (Landscape Art). You can also download pictures from the Landscape Art app to the iPad. What’s more, they are both free! Wikiart is related to Wikipedia so you can find out more about artists from around the world.

On Wednesday was a trip to London, ESOL students were tour guides to iconic buildings such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and St. James’ Park. We learnt a lot and everyone enjoyed the freedom to roam. The videos from the trip can be found on the ‘video’ section on Office 365.

We have been updating the VLE calendar and the YELLOW FOLDER with events going on next month. It is fun to find out all the exciting things you can do – often for only a tenner or for free!

It’s International Women’s Day on the 8th March so there are lots of cultural events going on to celebrate and support women.

The Southbank Centre has a whole host of great speakers and guests, performances and comedy shows as part of the WoW Festival. It stands for Women of the World – and the whole world wants to be there! I am particularly interested in the debate on What will the next government do for women? It’s on at 7.45 on Monday 2nd March. I now need to book a couple of tickets before you all jump on it! You can follow all the action on Twitter or Facebook searching the hashtag .

The Museum of London Docklands is also putting on a family weekend event on the Saturday 7th March. Rich Mix in the East End has a poetry reading on 6th March – but don’t yawn – it sounds like it will be a really exciting and unusual take on poetry. It is run by Scottee who, according to the website plumpf, “a dyslexic who thinks poems should rhyme.” Intriguing!

If there are any events going on in the nearby area to Surbiton I will be on the lookout, but please let us know of anything that might appeal to the wonderful women of Hillcroft.

Catalogue pcThis term we’ve been using Vokis onto our Virtual Learning Environment to tell students and staff about our services. We wanted to appeal to our learners auditory learning styles and thought Vokis would help us do this.

What are Vokis? Vokis are Avatars that you can create for free on the Voki website. It’s great fun choosing your character and selecting how they look (their hair style and colour) what they wear and accessories (jewelery and spectacles and their ethnic origin. For what they say you can record your own voice or choose one of the voices available – which include American, Irish, Scottish and Australian accents among others).

You can see one of our Vokis on the Hillcroft VLE homepage. We’re using them on other pages to talk about services and the contents of our pages like the LRC Careers Advice page.

We took the ideas of the Vokis up from a presentation by Barnet & Southgate College at RSC London’s E-factor 2013. E-factor is a fantastic annual event for showcasing and sharing innovation in elearning.

Being avid library geeks the Hillcroft LRC team went on a Library Information and History Group tour of the Lost Libraries of London on Friday 20 September.

The tour by Alice Library wallFord-Smith included several non-librarians including lawyers and some enthusiasts from the Netherlands. The places we visited included libraries that disappeared, ones under threat and ones that had survived from fire and war damage.

We went to buildings associated with library collections and books like Dr Johnson’s House (author of the English dictionary) and St Bride Foundation (includes a library and theatre space) as well as former subscription libraries run by W H Smith and Boots. One of the highlights was the chance to get in the Gray’s Inn Library which was taking part in London’s Open House weekend. Here we saw photographs of the original library which was affected by bombing in World War II.

We covered areas around Gray’s Inn, Fleet Street, Inner Temple and St Paul’s. The tour was so popular it has a waiting list and is running again this Friday 27 September. Find out more on the Library History Group blog post.

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