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Boojk shelvesOn Thursday 20 November our Learning Resources Centre Manager attended the 10th anniversary event for the Association of Pall Mall Libraries (APML). APML is a group of librarians originally working in the London private club sectors which also has librarian members from specialist libraries neighbouring the Pall Mall area.

The tenth anniversary was celebrated with members of the association and their guest speaker James Campbell  author of  The Library: a World History published by Thames and Hudson. James’s talk included slides based on pictures from the book which charts the architectural history of libraries from Roman and medieval times to the present day throughout the world. Will Pryce took digital photographs of the libraries which are used in the book. Campbell explained how libraries were once made up of lecturns holding books or chained libraries until the advent of the standing bookcase. Libraries included Roccoco styled gems from Europe and monastic libraries in South Korea; and a modern day one built to encourage children to read by creating a stepped shelf environment inside. Find out more about the talk on the APML blog.

If you’re into present day library architecture whet your taste buds with the E-Architect’s listing of the latest and greatest from around the world on their Library Buildings – Library Architecture page.


Being avid library geeks the Hillcroft LRC team went on a Library Information and History Group tour of the Lost Libraries of London on Friday 20 September.

The tour by Alice Library wallFord-Smith included several non-librarians including lawyers and some enthusiasts from the Netherlands. The places we visited included libraries that disappeared, ones under threat and ones that had survived from fire and war damage.

We went to buildings associated with library collections and books like Dr Johnson’s House (author of the English dictionary) and St Bride Foundation (includes a library and theatre space) as well as former subscription libraries run by W H Smith and Boots. One of the highlights was the chance to get in the Gray’s Inn Library which was taking part in London’s Open House weekend. Here we saw photographs of the original library which was affected by bombing in World War II.

We covered areas around Gray’s Inn, Fleet Street, Inner Temple and St Paul’s. The tour was so popular it has a waiting list and is running again this Friday 27 September. Find out more on the Library History Group blog post.

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