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Books can be heavy, notes get lost and eyes get tired. On all these issues, ebooks can help. Reading a book on a screen may not have the same satisfaction as holding a physical copy.  Yet there are benefits to having access to books stored in the “cloud“.

Differences between ebooks and reading apps

What makes a reading app an app rather than an ebook? There aren’t many differences between reading apps and ebooks. For those who are curious about such things, one distinction is that ebooks tend to be downloadable and have copies exist in physical form, whereas reading apps are more likely to be ‘born digital’, that is, having no physical manifestation (at least to begin with). Reading apps and ebooks these days might mix text with interaction and features of other media such as video, audio and games.

Benefits of ebooks and reading apps

  • not needing to carry a book around,
  • having a choice of things to read between,
  • being able to read without hands with the help of a screenreader such as the freebie Natural Reader or VoiceOver on Macs,
  • have your device record how much you’ve read.

We have two ebook platforms available through the catalogue for subjects including maths, social sciences and English.

If you are after fiction you may want other apps on your smartphone for easy access.

3 Free Reading apps

There are a number of reading apps to add to your phone for free, much of the content is free too. It depends on how you like your reading experience but it’s always good to have a book available on your smartphone if you’ve got one.

Perhaps try The Pigeonhole which releases ebooks in installments so it’s more digestible for on-the-go reading.

There is also the Kindle reading app so you can get all the out-of-copyright ebooks downloaded on your phone or tablet or desktop.

I’ve also heard of the app Hooked which present stories as a chat conversation.

Like, you know, super spooky.

Don’t forget your public library will have ebooks available to borrow.

Let us know what reading apps you’ve heard of or would like to try out. What combo of apps vs print works for you?



Two students using Kindles with their course tutorThis week the Learning Resources Centre LRC team were out in the classroom with our students and course tutor on the Breakthrough Maths and English: Revolutionary Readers course. The course was building their skills in reading to an audience and silently by working on the F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby.

In preparation for the course the LRC staff had  bought copies of the two film versions of the Great Gatsby. One directed by David Merrick  starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and the other the new Buz Luhrmann version starring Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo di Caprio. They’d bought Kindle versions of the novel to use on Kindle wifi keyboards and Fire versions.

As over 30% of Hillcroft students are dyslexic the Kindles have the read out loud facility on them. Our LRC team were helping the students practise reading out loud from the ebook readers in the classroom. As the LRC staff took photographs of them today using the Kindles many of the students explained how they had enjoyed the book even though at first they hadn’t. And it had given them great insight into the 1920s.

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