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In a recent article in the Independent newspaper, Synchrotron, a particle accelerator at the Diamond Light Source in Oxford is at the forefront of finding out how bacteria resist antibiotics. Drug resistant bacteria are a global health issue and so-called superbugs are increasing at a startling rate. Many superbugs are gram negative bacteria which cause particularly fatal conditions e.g. pneumonia, meningitis and food poisoning.

A light source millions of times brighter than the sun enables researchers to see how the molecular machinery is arranged at the atomic scale in the bacterial walls. This knowledge and understanding will hopefully result in the development of new antibiotics to treat some of the diseases mentioned above.

There were 2 earlier online articles in the Independent in November and December 2015 about the risks of not trying to resolve the issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria leading to potential epidemics across not just the UK but across the world.

If you want to know more about antibiotic resistant bacteria from resources in the LRC, look at the items below:

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