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Creating your careers map

Creating your careers map

We have many new careers books in the Phoebe Walters room. There are also ebooks available through Dawson. They all have this piece of advice in common: to succeed in a career you have to set goals and plan your path. In What Color is Your Parachute, Richard Bolles likens career planning to organising a big trip. You wouldn’t just turn up at your destination with no phrase book, accommodation or knowledge of the sights or culture. You would research and build anticipation in planning your vacation to make the most out of it. If we are able to put that philosophy into practice in our leisure time we sure could do with adapting it to our professional development.

You can have the career that you want but you have to invest effort into it. You must match your interests and skills with the job and see where you must improve. A good way to do so is by reading around your subject, learning from others, getting on a course or degree or on the job training. The books we have cover all of these processes and more. They motivate you and support you so that even without a life coach or careers advisor you have help. This is so important at the beginning of your studies: thinking about progression to where you are happiest. Thinking about the long term. Why are you here at Hillcroft anyway? Where are you going?

To help you answer some of these questions, why not dip into these new books on careers:

The Careers Handbook

Career Coach

How to Get a Job You Love

So you want to go to Oxbridge?


Yesterday at Achievement and Diversity Day we celebrated the work of students and staff this year. Many students are finishing at Hillcroft for at least the time being. You may well be thinking of new goals to strive for whilst in between studies and/or jobs. It can be hard to stay motivated once all the deadlines are over and you are not in a learning environment regularly.

I thought Street Step has come up with a neat idea to gain employability skills and have fun. This charitable organisation takes a social and active approach to young people (especially women) who are unemployed to get them in new jobs. You can go to their free weekly dance and fitness classes and then join their employability programme. There’s not much better way to shake off a lack of motivation than through dance and joining a community.

What are employability skills anyhow? You may be asking. There’s no single definition, but includes elements such as time-management, communication, team-work and increasingly digital know-how. Most likely you have a ton of them already but everyone needs help in honing them and finding your strengths. Your tutor, friends and family will be able to help you identify them too.What you have learnt at Hillcroft is only the beginning and now you’d be in a better position to help others. This was a common theme in the student talks yesterday: giving back and moving forward.

This reminds me too of the City Opportunities event for young people who experienced in care environments. This is held next month by the London South Bank University and is free to attend if you qualify. It is a 5-day programme to set young people on a career path. They are making finance, business and law more accessible to those who may not see those pathways as open to them.

These are only two possible avenues to explore. Hopefully they inspire you. Even when you are no longer at Hillcroft you will have so many opportunities available to you with lifelong learning.

Stack of careers booksOver the spring term there are a number of courses running helping you to kick start your working life. Our Ready steady work course supports you in the job market. Helping you build up your confidence and interview skills to get that job.

We’ve started adding a number of Viewtech Educational Medias DVDs so you can get tips on preparing for interviews, researching the job, deciding how to dress and talk about your skills and  training in a winning way.

We also support you with our Virtual Learning Environment’s LRC Careers advice page that lists employment agencies, websites and has links to assist you with writing Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) and covering letters.

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