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Post it note and pen with 'Is this accessible?' written on itJulia Taylor from Jisc gave an interesting talk on accessibility at the Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) Members’ Day at the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) on 14 May.

Did you know that it’s possible to embed sound into Word documents? Or that you can make them more accessible by using style templates? Take a look at Jisc TechDis advice on making Word documents more accessible. If you’re using Word 2010 there are a number of help videos on YouTube.

We’re using 2013 here so we need to look up what can be done for our learners in the Office 2013 suite. Here’s a handy page on Accessibility Features in Office 2013 which advises you on how to make the ribbons easier to use and a checker to find out how accessible your documents are. Here’s one for Word 2013 too.

Pageant of women's work 1920

Pageant of women’s work 1920 from Hillcroft College archives

Looking in our archives of documents created in Hillcroft College reveals how much has changed and how much hasn’t. Fascinating primary sources for a social historian.

The Annual Reports provide details such as the students who were enrolled and lived in the college, who paid their fees (often their employers like Debenhams and Robertsons of jam fame) and what they ended up doing after studying here.

The Annual Report from 1920 also has a pamphlet inside it listing the schedule for the ‘Pageant of Women’s Work’. This consisted of a fair number of presentations and/or readings given by the students on the topic of famous and influential women through the ages. It starts with ‘Women in primitive times’ and goes through until ‘The woman professor’, ‘suffragist’ and ‘The woman M.P.’. They also talked about Florence Nightingale – we featured her this year in the LRC, 95 years later.

Take a look also at the footnote “Words for Tableau VI from Olive Schreiner‘s ‘Women & Labour'” – they were referencing too! Now if only we knew the page number…

The Woman’s Song of Freedom was published by the London Society for Women’s Suffrage in 1911, the music sheet can be found in the British Library’s music collections. Would anyone like to sing it again?

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