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Bookshop run haul

Bookshop run haul

We went on our annual bookshop run yesterday. We visited 2 independent bookshops and 2 big bookshops in central London, namely: Gay’s The Word, Housmans, Waterstones and Foyles. Plus we stopped by Fopp for DVDs. Our mission was to suss out the new books and DVDs and browse for the best resources to add to the LRC.

It was fun and illuminating to read the titles and summaries of the books across a range a subjects relevant to Hillcroft students. I was struck by how many there were on communism, lots of interesting topics on migration and critical thinking. Foyles was particularly good on study skills books. The self development section of Waterstones was huge and had a great range of topics from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to yoga. We would have liked to have seen more biographies by women of different races, although there are definitely some great ones available.

Here’s some gems of our book and DVD haul:

New books

Here We Stand (interviews with prominent feminists)

Fun House and Are you my Mother (graphic novels)

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (introductory text)

Kwame Nkrumah (history)

The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity (introductory text)




The Reader


Wild Thing

Stories We Tell

They’ll be catalogued and on the shelves as soon as possible.

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