Hillcroft LRC

New Spring fiction

Posted on: March 14, 2017

We have jusAsian mostly new fictiont had a huge delivery of new fiction books so we thought we would give you a flavour of what you have to look forward to (as it will take us a while to process them!)

The girl who fell to earth by Al-Maria Sophia. This is the memoir of a girl who grows up between two cultures – America and the Middle East. It is considered to be part family history and part personal quest. The book is written in Arabic.

Mind your head by Juno Dawson. This light-hearted read covers many mental health issues with a view to making society better versed with the topic and not afraid to talk about mental health.

Love across a broken map has 10 short stories from South Asia written by authors from a British Asian background. There are gritty, memorable characters in stories with universal rather than cultural themes.

Five degrees has 14 short stories from Asia. They were shortlisted for the 2012 Asian Writer Short Story Prize. Deepa Anappara, writer of the fourth story in this book went on to win the prize.

Lost and Found. This is an anthology of 22 short, original and diverse stories on the theme of home by Leicestershire writers.

Happy Birthday to Me. The theme of this book is celebration. Part One has short stories and poetry written in a contemporary Asian style. Part Two has interviews with prominent South Asian authors like Mohsin Hamid who wrote The Reluctant Fundementalist, also available on our shelves.


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