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Presenting Your Best Self

Posted on: January 30, 2017

Presentation and interview booksI was intrigued this week listening to Thursday 26 January’s episode of Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4. It was about how the actor Orlando Bloom was flying to Manchester to help comprehensive school pupils in Cheshire learn acting skills. Orlando is teaching them how to use their voice and act. He is honing  skills that will help them present themselves well at job or university interviews. These are the kind of skills which are often neglected and help boost your confidence in communicating with others.

Orlando like many of our students has dyslexia and the acting skills helped him boost his confidence and communicate more easily with others. Although many would think acting is a way of hiding the inner self, it is in fact is a way of helping you bridge the gap in your lack of confidence and performance so you can impress your interviewers.

Our Learning Resources Centre has a number of books that will help you further with this. Here are some of our latest ones:

Posters and Presentations by Emily Blethell and Clare Milsom

Develop Your Presentation Skills by Theo Theobald

Brilliant Presentation: What the Best Presenters Know, Do and Say by Richard Hall

The Job Interview Toolkit: Excercises to Get You Fit for Your Interview by Ann Reynolds and Julie Cooper

The Interview Book : How to Prepare and Perform at Your Best in Any Interview by James Innes




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