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Posted on: April 18, 2016

i newspapersSadly The Independent newspaper is no longer available in print. It is still available online which means searching for relevant articles is easy. However, in the LRC alongside The Guardian we now also receive the newspaper. Why the i? The news is broken down into short sections at the beginning to provide an overview of today’s news. You can browse very quickly. It’s designed for readers with little time but who want more than a tweet or a free paper. Will there be print editions of newspapers much longer? Make use of them or lose them entirely.

Here’s a selection of articles that may be of use to your studies or you may be interested in:

  • ‘Genes of ‘lucky’ 13 could provide disease resistance.’ (12 April 2016 p. 9)
  • ‘Mental health treatment denied to quarter of young.’ (11 April 2016 p. 6)
  • ‘Say goodbye to your private life.’ (11 April 2016 p. 13)
  • ‘Love is the drug.’ (11 April 2016 p. 30-31)
  • ‘No way to raise children: UN reprimands Britain over its record on reducing child poverty.’ (14 April 2016 p. 5)
  • ‘What’s the matter with mindfulness?’ (13 April 2016 p.27)
  • ‘Generation left behind: students stranded after leaving school early.’ (8 April 2016 p.8)
  • ‘Tax havens: the root of inequality.’ (6 April 2016 p. 15)
  • ‘The doctor can see you right now.’ (4 April 2016 p.30-31)

Find all our recent newspapers on the top of the fireplace in the LRC by the Red Bin.




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