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Adventuring Across the Careers Map

Posted on: September 2, 2015

Creating your careers map

Creating your careers map

We have many new careers books in the Phoebe Walters room. There are also ebooks available through Dawson. They all have this piece of advice in common: to succeed in a career you have to set goals and plan your path. In What Color is Your Parachute, Richard Bolles likens career planning to organising a big trip. You wouldn’t just turn up at your destination with no phrase book, accommodation or knowledge of the sights or culture. You would research and build anticipation in planning your vacation to make the most out of it. If we are able to put that philosophy into practice in our leisure time we sure could do with adapting it to our professional development.

You can have the career that you want but you have to invest effort into it. You must match your interests and skills with the job and see where you must improve. A good way to do so is by reading around your subject, learning from others, getting on a course or degree or on the job training. The books we have cover all of these processes and more. They motivate you and support you so that even without a life coach or careers advisor you have help. This is so important at the beginning of your studies: thinking about progression to where you are happiest. Thinking about the long term. Why are you here at Hillcroft anyway? Where are you going?

To help you answer some of these questions, why not dip into these new books on careers:

The Careers Handbook

Career Coach

How to Get a Job You Love

So you want to go to Oxbridge?


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