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Personalising Panels on MyAthens

Posted on: May 22, 2015

My athens homepageMy Athens makes it possible to access web resources that our college is subscribed to, including ebooks on Dawsonera and Ebrary and newspaper articles on UK Newsstand and many more. Only long course students have access to these eresources as it takes some time to become fluent with finding information through them. Once you come to terms with navigating My Athens and the eresources the next step would be to personalise your account to make working on the web easier for you.

One way to personalise your account is to customise your homepage. You can click ‘add panel’ to see news feeds from websites wherever you see the classic RSS orange icon. There are feed readers that you can add to Chrome or Firefox toolbars so even if you don’t have an My Athens account you can still get news easily on your laptop.

I have feeds from Europeana, Research Buzz  and BBC news on my homepage. So each time I log in to see eresources I see the most up-to-date news and articles from my favourite sites, ones I don’t normally access every day otherwise. It is not too much of a distraction as long as I don’t forget why I was in My Athens to start with!

Another suggestion is that you can also add the ‘favourite resources’ panel so that you don’t need to click on the ‘resources’ page.

You can move the panels around by clicking and dragging on the dotted box and arrow icon in the right hand corner of the panel.

Hope you find these tips useful!



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