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Fascist Groove Thang

Posted on: October 31, 2014

Britain and Germany coversNext week our Access to Higher Education Humanities and Social Science students return from their half term reading week. The next part of their term in their history unit will be spent on fascism.

The students will be looking at the rise of fascism in Germany after the first world war which culminated in the Nazis rise to power. As a result we’ve bought some new books covering the history Germany and Nazism in that period:-

Germany 1848-1991 by Derrick Murphy, Terry Morris and Mary Fulbrook

Germany 1919-1945 by Martin Collier and Philip Pedley

and ebooks:

Understanding Nazi Germany by Michael Lynch part of the Teach Yourself series available through Dawsonera

Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-1963 by Geoff Layton

Through ebooks for FE from Jisc we have access to ebrary’s:

Intermediate History. The Road to War, 1933-1939 by Andrew Hunt

Plus we’ve got these two guides on fascism:

Fascism: a Very Short Introduction by Kevin Passmore

Introducing Faschism: a Graphic Guide by Stuart Hood and Litza Jansz

The second one will particularly appeal to students with dyslexia. We’ve also added a dvd:

Nazisme, Fascisme, Communisme

and we recorded the whole BBC2 series the Long Shadow under our ERA licence which covered the effect of World War I on Germany and other countries. It also looked at the rise of fascism in episode 2 Ballots and Bullets.



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