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British Suffrage coverOur Access to Higher Education students are due to follow the history of the women’s suffrage movement as part of their history course. This week two interesting programmes on the women’s movement and the suffragettes were broadcast back-to-back on BBC 2.

If you missed them you can catch One Hundred Years of the Women’s Movement on BBC iPlayer. It takes you from women fighting for the right to vote right up to the recent Slut marches. Following this programme was Tales from the Old Bailey: the Suffragettes. It brings to life the trial of Emmeline Pankhurst from court papers. Again if you missed it you can catch up on BBC iPlayer.

We’ve just added the ebook edition of Paula Bartley’s  Votes from Women 1860-1928 to our collection through Dawsonera. We’ve got a host of resources on the suffragettes for our students including ebooks, websites and DVDs through our library catalogue.

Catalogue displayLike most Learning Resource Centres (LRC) in colleges and university libraries we promote our services and material to our students using social media  through our WordPress blog and Twitter. Many of our students are new to social media so we are building up their digital literacy knowledge by using these tools to promote our services.

This week we read in the Wikiman blog about a handy tool the Student Guide to Social Media created by the libraries of the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and York. It’s under Creative Commons licence so you can share it with others. The tool explains what social media is and why the different tools are important and explains how you can use different social media tools. This will help our students understand what social media is and how they can get the most from different social media tools.

Careers standOur students often do group presentations as part of their course work and we support them with material on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)’s LRC English, Maths & Study Skills page. On Monday 11 November Simon Armitage presented a fantastic programme on  BBC 4 called Speeches that Shook the World. The programme looked at speeches and speech makers that have had great impact. These included speech writers for Tony Blair when he was prime minister as well as famous speeches like Martin Luther King’s I had a Dream SpeechEarl Spencer’s speech at Prince Diana’s funeral and Emeline Pankhurst.

The programme gives you tips on building a speech to wow your audience. Here’s a taster of material you can borrow from us on public speaking and presenting.

Fiction books close upOne of our Preaccess students has alerted us to the fact November is National Novel Writing Month. She’s taken on the challenge to try writing a novel. There’s a nifty website called National Novel Writing Month where you can sign up, track your novel’s progress and get feedback from fellow budding novelists.

If you’re a would-be novelist find some inspiration from our latest additions to our literature collection:

The twelve tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis

The secret river by Kate Grenville

Catalogue pcIt’s half term this week so the Learning Resources team have been beavering away creating Learning Objects with Xerte Online Toolkits to reinforce the inductions we’ve been doing with Access to Higher Education and Preaccess students on referencing and copyright.

The great thing about using Xerte to do this is it has built-in disability features so students using them can change the font size and the colour to suit their needs. Plus we can plug in audio, images and much more. We’ve started off with some fill the gaps and categories for referencing and for copyright we’ve tried the multiple choice quizzes. We’ve found it great fun adding in feedback for the multiple choice.  Find out more about what you can do with Xerte and examples of Learning Objects on the University of Nottingham’s Resources page.

Once the learning objects are ready we’re embedding them onto our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) pages so our students can do them on and offsite. If you are one of students or tutors you can see what we’ve done on the LRC Referencing and Plagiarism page.

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