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Use your Voki

Posted on: October 25, 2013

Catalogue pcThis term we’ve been using Vokis onto our Virtual Learning Environment to tell students and staff about our services. We wanted to appeal to our learners auditory learning styles and thought Vokis would help us do this.

What are Vokis? Vokis are Avatars that you can create for free on the Voki website. It’s great fun choosing your character and selecting how they look (their hair style and colour) what they wear and accessories (jewelery and spectacles and their ethnic origin. For what they say you can record your own voice or choose one of the voices available – which include American, Irish, Scottish and Australian accents among others).

You can see one of our Vokis on the Hillcroft VLE homepage. We’re using them on other pages to talk about services and the contents of our pages like the LRC Careers Advice page.

We took the ideas of the Vokis up from a presentation by Barnet & Southgate College at RSC London’s E-factor 2013. E-factor is a fantastic annual event for showcasing and sharing innovation in elearning.


3 Responses to "Use your Voki"

Great to hear about your use of Vokis and thanks for mention of Barnet and Southgate’s presentation at e-Factor.

Sorry I’ve just gotten round to checking this. You’re most welcome and thought I’d give you a plug. Hilary

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