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Catalogue pcThis term we’ve been using Vokis onto our Virtual Learning Environment to tell students and staff about our services. We wanted to appeal to our learners auditory learning styles and thought Vokis would help us do this.

What are Vokis? Vokis are Avatars that you can create for free on the Voki website. It’s great fun choosing your character and selecting how they look (their hair style and colour) what they wear and accessories (jewelery and spectacles and their ethnic origin. For what they say you can record your own voice or choose one of the voices available – which include American, Irish, Scottish and Australian accents among others).

You can see one of our Vokis on the Hillcroft VLE homepage. We’re using them on other pages to talk about services and the contents of our pages like the LRC Careers Advice page.

We took the ideas of the Vokis up from a presentation by Barnet & Southgate College at RSC London’s E-factor 2013. E-factor is a fantastic annual event for showcasing and sharing innovation in elearning.

Shelf of books with ebookThis week the Learning Resources team have been continuing the induction programme for our Access to Higher Education and Preaccess students. We’ve been demonstrating the joys of using ebooks and how to do Harvard referencing.

As a student it’s often easy to make notes on what you’re reading then be unable to unscramble your handwriting later when it comes to writing your essay, putting in your references and creating a bibliography. Ebooks on Dawsonera make it an easy job by allowing you to create notes and save them on individual ebooks as you read them. And they don’t disappear unless you delete them.

Find out why ebooks are just the ticket on our GoAnimate video Don’t Scuff the Books Use Ebooks animation. You’ll find out you can make your librarian’s day!

Hahn/Cock by Katharina FritschWe like to promote events and exhibitions that our students on long courses like Access to Higher Education and Preaccess can do in their free time. This all adds to their educational enrichment.

Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth is one to keep watching as it acts as a guest platform. Currently the German sculptor Katharina Fitsch ‘s Hahn/Cock is taking pride of place.

Visit the Greater London Authority’s A New Icon for London page to find out more about the sculpture and view Vox pops of visitors impressions of the new plinth guest.

Reflective Dialogues exhibition at Morley CollegeLast week our Learning Resources Centre Manager got an invitation for the launch of the Reflective Dialogues exhibition at Morley College.

Reflective Dialogues is the results of a Learning Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) project which had 10 practitioners from 10 Art and Design courses in the London area trying out online technologies. The subject areas included everything from dress making to stained glass. The exhibition itself focuses on the  relationship between teacher and learner through the use of  Electronic Individual Learning Plans (eILPs).  The five colleges who took part were EC Bexley, Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT), Morley College, NALS Newham, and Working Men’s College.

The exhibition is set to move to each college. And it’s free.

Find out more about the LSIS Leadership with Technology: Regional Collaboration Fund (RCF) Final Report 2013

Someone using a smartphoneOne of our ebooks suppliers Dawsonera has launched a new app for the iPhone and Android. This is good news for our Access to Higher Education, Pre-Access, Women into Management (WiM), Start Your Own Enterprise and Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) students.

This means that ebooks are even more mobile and our students can read them easily off site and when they are travelling. We know from sifting through our student feedback forms that students have been using ebooks on their laptops on the train so this app launch will make it even easier for them.

Follow the Dawsonera guide to Downloading  ebooks to an Android Device or Downloading ebooks onto an Apple iOS Device.

Find out how great ebooks are by watching our new Don’t Scruff the Books Use Ebooks animation on GoAnimate.

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