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Dr Who cdOn Sunday 4 August the BBC announced Peter Capaldi will replace Matt Smith as Dr Who.  Peter will be come the twelfth Dr Who.

Here at Hillcroft’s Learning Resources Centre we have not only books on Dr Who but also audio CDs of Dr Who episodes from the past. These include previous Doctors; Jon Pertwee, Christopher Ecclestone, Tom Baker and  David Tennant.

Take a look at what we have through this catalogue search.

Find out more about Peter Capaldi and look at previous episodes on BBC One’s Doctor Who page

Keyboarding on a laptop

Lots of our students at Hillcroft are dyslexic so our read out loud tools are invaluable for them when using ebooks. Not only that but if auditory is your learning style then using a tool to read the book out loud to you helps cement the information into your memory. Find out more about learning styles on Learning Styles Online Overview of Learning Styles page.

While we’ve been demonstrating to our Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) students how to:

  • navigate
  • copy text
  • add notes
  • print text
  • download.

with Dawsonera ebooks we’ve also shown them how to use Read&Write Gold to read the ebook out loud on site. This went down extremely well with our students. So much so that they were quick to ask us how they can do this when they’re not resident at Hillcroft!

For the answer we turned to one of our Lead Tutors for Learning Support who suggested they try Natural Reader which can handle the ebooks.

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